Buying UPCs for Amazon: How to do it?

The eCommerce sector is growing rapidly, especially after the pandemic of 2019. It stimulated the eCommerce sector more than it hit any other industry. In this sector, the huge names that are operational in most countries are Amazon, Shopify, and Alibaba. Among all, Amazon is the leading eCommerce platform. Whoever wants to join eCommerce, they try to register at Amazon as well.

As a buyer, you have access to a wide range of product categories. You can be a retailer at Amazon as well. Tracking and managing inventory to sell online requires meeting standards. For this, you first need to buy UPC codes. These will be printed on the product packaging. When a sale is recorded, inventory is updated. It works the same for Amazon as well – you need a UPC. Generally, UPC barcodes are scanned when items are sold offline but still, you need UPC for online sales. It helps you to turn on automatic inventory updates. Anyone can list the products on Amazon but not without a UPC. This blog post is a brief guide on where to buy UPCs and use them on Amazon.

Buying and using UPC for Amazon

On registering at Amazon, before proceeding to make listings, consider the below conditions;

  1. You will sell your own manufactured products at Amazon and so need UPC.
  2. You are a retailer and you have codes from the manufacturer.
  3. You are a retailer and you are not provided with codes by the manufacturer.

If you are the manufacturer, you may know that UPCs can be purchased from a variety of websites. It is better to avoid these online purchases if possible. These codes are likely to be utilized, and your products may be delisted from Amazon as a result. Applying for and purchasing UPCs for Amazon from the GS1 complying website is a preferable option. You can trust GS1 websites because it establishes the universal standard for UPCs.

How to buy UPC for Amazon?

Buying UPC is easy, apply for the business prefix. It helps link all your manufactured products to your company name. It may be a 6 or 10-digit long code that is added at the start of a UPC. Here, think of the quantity of UPC you require, the budget, and the initial/renewal fees. Continue to finish the application procedure. Next, for each product, assign a UPC and also identify the product packaging style. Proceeding, decide on how to use the code on the packages. At this stage, you may need to choose a barcode either for online sales or for warehouse management. Using free accessible tools, you can create barcodes.

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