Real Time Traffic on Laurel Canyon Boulevard

Real time traffic on Laurel Canyon Boulevard is a great way to see what other drivers are
facing on any given day. Check out this map to see what lanes are closed, and find alternate
routes to get around. Laurel Canyon is one of the city’s most popular and busy boulevards.
However, you should be aware of any upcoming construction. You should plan your trip
accordingly. Here are a few alternative routes for traffic on Laurel Canyon:
Laurel Canyon Boulevard
If you live near Laurel Canyon Boulevard in San Francisco, you can check real-time traffic
conditions and updates to your destination. As of today, the road remains closed between Mt.
Olympus and Gould. Until rain recedes, city agencies cannot assess the stability of the
hillside. When tomorrow’s rains clear, the City hopes to have a more definitive timetable for
reopening and a detailed traffic plan in place.
Laurel Canyon Boulevard is partially open to local traffic following the mudslide that closed the
road last month. However, the road remains closed to northbound traffic until engineers finish
stabilizing the hillside. Until a full reopening, local traffic is still being directed to alternate
routes. Meanwhile, truck traffic will be prohibited from Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Until it
reopens to traffic, motorists are encouraged to use the freeways.
Despite the traffic problems, Laurel Canyon Boulevard is a relatively smooth drive from
Beverly Hills and Mulholland Drive. However, getting to and from Hollywood and Studio City
can be a challenge. The Cahuenga Pass is a notoriously difficult road to drive through, so
many drivers get lost in the hills and drive on roads without sidewalks. There are a number of
hiking trails, schools and other areas of interest in the area.
From Webb Avenue, Laurel Canyon Boulevard continues south to the Hollywood Freeway (SR
170). Laurel Canyon Boulevard passes through Valley Village. It is located one mile west of
Hollywood Split, the intersection of the U.S. 101/SR 170 freeway and Ventura Boulevard.
Originally, the Laurel Canyon Freeway would have connected the southeastern San Fernando
Valley with the Los Angeles International Airport, but the plan was cancelled, and the Laurel
Canyon area became a movie star’s enclave.
Laurel Canyon Boulevard’s current closures
Laurel Canyon Boulevard is currently closed as a result of a 9,000-pound slab of concrete
slipping from the base of a house. Work crews are working to stabilize the slope and remove
the debris, but there will be significant noise. The closure has caused disruptions for local
business owners, and the Los Angeles City Council member David Ryu has asked for
emergency funding to put up protective barriers on the street.
While these closures are causing a lot of traffic congestion, it is imperative that all parties take
action. The Bureau of Street Services and Bureau of Engineering are responsible for
determining the extent of the slide and repairing the road’s slope. Other departments, such as
the Departments of Transportation and Building and Safety, will be responsible for identifying
costs and assessing the impact on traffic. The Public Works Committee should then decide
which funds will be required for each project.
Until recently, Laurel Canyon Boulevard was a two-lane dirt road that ran through the Baldwin
Hills neighborhood. The area was home to silent film star Tom Mix. Eventually, the mansion
was placed on the rental market. In 1968, Frank Zappa rented it. The singer turned it into a
recording studio and moved out after six months. In 1981, the mansion burned down, but
luckily, no one was hurt in the process.
During the construction, Highway 101 will be closed from 8 am to 4 pm for pavement and
roadway excavation work. Motorists can expect delays of up to 10 minutes during these times.
Additionally, State Route 183 will be closed from 9 am to 3 pm for slope repair work. State

Route 68 will also be closed for spraying operations. In the meantime, motorists should plan
for some delays on the side streets.
A pedestrian-friendly alternative route to Laurel Canyon Boulevard is Coldwater Canyon
Avenue. However, this route is not recommended for anyone who is unable to walk or drive
through the area. In addition to the temporary closures, the area will also be affected by the
2022 Los Angeles Marathon. This marathon will begin at Dodger Stadium and run through
Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, and finish at the Avenue of the Stars. The marathon will
begin at 6:55 a.m. Sunday. During this time, the streets will be closed until the race is over,
with reopening at the discretion of the local departments.
On Saturday, the streets of Westwood were remarkably quiet. Some people may have changed
their plans because of the empty streets. Fortunately, the feared gridlock that many people
feared would result from the 405 closure has not materialized. While some business owners
were bracing for gridlock, customer traffic is down. While the 405 was closed for construction,
no traffic slowed down. And despite the closure, Laurel Canyon Boulevard is still open.
Alternative routes to Laurel Canyon
A section of Laurel Canyon Boulevard is currently closed between Kirkwood Drive and West
Gould Avenue due to a collapsed concrete patio. This patio is located on the hillside above
Laurel Canyon Boulevard, and chunks of concrete have fallen onto the roadway. A portion of
the home that collapsed is located in the 8100 block of West Gould Avenue. If you’re traveling
by car, the only alternative route is to take the other route.
The road to Laurel Canyon is located within the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. The trailhead
is located a quarter mile past the intersection. For a detailed map of the area, click here. The
trailhead is marked W/L on the map. From the park, head north about two miles until you reach
Laurel Canyon Road. If you don’t find the trailhead, continue driving for another half mile until
you reach the park’s visitor center.
The 82-mile dirt road that stretches from Orange County into Santa Monica is now known as
Laurel Canyon Boulevard. The road used to connect with other urbanized parts of the city.
Originally, the canyon was inhabited by the Tongva people, but later, Spanish colonial ranchers

grazed their sheep on the hillsides. The area was then settled by Americans after the Mexican-
American War, and later, by ranchers interested in water rights.

Those who are interested in hiking will enjoy the Willow and Laurel Canyon loop, a 3.5-mile
loop that features 700-foot elevation change. The park is open to hikers seven days a week.
The Laguna Coast Wilderness Park is open from 7am to sunset. For bikers, alternative routes
to Laurel Canyon will give you an opportunity to experience the canyon’s beauty while being
away from the crowded trails.
The closure of Laurel Canyon Boulevard from Gould Avenue to Kirkwood Drive is a
precautionary measure while repairs are being made to the street. As a result of the closure,
local traffic is limited on the street. Those wishing to travel in either direction should take
alternative routes to get to Laurel Canyon. The closures will continue until the street reopens
and local traffic is allowed. This will prevent drivers from using the streets that lead to the
movie set.
Metro Los Angeles operates a bus service from the foot of Laurel Canyon. Buses run from the
Pacific Electric Railway station in West Hollywood. It runs from 1451 N Gardner Street,
approximately 1.5 miles south of the 101 Freeway exit 14. The route to Laurel Canyon and
Lookout Mountain begins at this intersection. This route follows a scenic mountain stream and
continues up the Santa Monica Mountains. There are several bus stops that connect to the
Laurel Canyon and Sunset Boulevard.

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