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How did you reach this blog? By searching about SEO on Google. You may see that Google fetched millions of results but why was it listed on the first page? How does this blog make its way through the hundreds of websites to the top 10? The secret is “SEO content”. Whether you believe it or not, this is the result of on-page and off-page SEO. This blog explains many ways for effective SEO results.

Effective SEO strategy

If you understand how SEO works, then it becomes easy to make it work for you. For businesses, it is a marketing strategy. It benefits them in many ways like boosting rankings, attracting customers, and helping in generating leads. Given next are some critical SEO elements that should be part of your SEO strategy. You may follow all of them if feasible or otherwise follow at least 2 to 3 of them.

1.   Using Keywords

A single word or group of words you enter in the search bar of an engine is a keyword. It stimulates the search engine algorithm and crawls content with the same keyword and indexes it. So, it is suggested that you do keyword research and then write the content on it. Keywords are important and so are used in title pages, meta descriptions, and throughout the content. The easiest way of finding keywords is by exploring Google Trends.

2.   Unique Content

You can not rank copied content even with proper SEO. Moreover, SEO is done on content – improper content means ineffective SEO. You should learn how to produce unique content and how to promote it through SEO.

3.   Optimization of Header tags

Content and keyword search are not enough, you have to consider many other elements including header tags. You can improve page indexing by doing SEO of header tags.

4.   Website themes

When you started building your website, did you search for the themes outside WordPress? If you did, you might have seen theme specifications with “SEO friendly” tags. So, it indicates that web design plays a critical role in SEO. So, you should choose themes with responsive layouts, SEO, and a user-friendly interface.

5.   Page speed

Users dislike web pages taking too long to load the content. It is a good move to work webpage speed. If your webpage loads faster, you are more likely to improve search rankings.

Reply in the comment section honestly that when you asked about SEO to some honest person, he counted keywords and link building.  It is a proven SEO strategy that brings immediate results. You should work on white-hat SEO link-building techniques.

Take Away!

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