The Top Five Earners on the Twitch Earnings Leaderboard

The Top Five Earners on the Twitch Earnings Leaderboard

TimTheTatman is one of the highest paid Twitch players, with seven million followers and a planned surprise platform switch in 2021. Before moving to Twitch, TimTheTatman was already a YouTube star, creating his channel in 2011 and partnering with brands on product placement and advertisements. This allowed him to earn from two to eight percent of his income.


Ninja is a popular video game streamer, and has been ranked among the top five earners on the Twitch earnings leaderboard since January 2017. He rose to fame in 2017 when he became the most subscribed streamer on the platform. He has worked with Drake and Travis Scott in various projects, and has garnered millions of followers. As a result of his popularity, he has been paid millions of dollars, and even won an award or two.

His Twitch earnings are primarily derived from subscription fees, which he receives 70 percent of. However, he also accepts donations from fans through PayPal or through the Streamlabs tip jar. Ninja also makes money from advertising, which makes up about $2 for every thousand viewers.

Streamers can make up to $2,500 per month if they have a thousand Tier 1 subscribers. But the number of subscribers will fluctuate over time, and the highest-paid streamers may not have any subscribers in the same month. This means that Ninja may only have 270,000 active subscribers in April 2018 and only 9,466 subscribers in May 2021.

With a net worth of over $17 million, Ninja is the most popular streamer. His celebrity has allowed him to sign sponsorship deals with brands, release an autobiography, and even develop his own line of products. According to Forbes, he earned $17 million in 2019. In addition to Twitch, he also signed a streaming contract with Mixer, which brought him an additional $20 million in 2019.


The top earners on Twitch are not always the best performers. There are a few reasons for this. Streamers are paid by different sponsors for different services, and this affects how much they make. For example, a gamer may not make much if the game is not played with good quality audio. A gamer might be paid more if they include an animation, but this is not the only factor that determines how much they earn.

Streamers are not required to disclose their earnings on Twitch, so it is impossible to verify their earnings. Streamers can earn as much as $1 million per month through sponsorships, but Twitch does not disclose them. For instance, streamers of GTA games are likely to make over one million dollars per month from the game. XQc’s earnings are higher than those of many other video game streamers, but he hasn’t disclosed how much he makes per month.

XQc, a former Overwatch League player, is one of the highest earners on Twitch. A breach of the Twitch website recently revealed the earnings of the top streamers. For example, xQc’s earnings were almost double that of another streamer, Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi, who was just 198 places below him.

As a gamer, XQc has been a consistent performer. He has a large following on Twitch, and his video content has reached millions of viewers. In fact, he has renewed his contract with Twitch for the next two years.

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