The Overachiever’s Black Tech System

Overachiever’s Black Tech System contains mature themes and scenes that are not
appropriate for very young readers
. For their protection, this manga is blocked for young
readers. Readers 18 years of age and older are encouraged to read it. While the content of
manga is owned by the creators, promotional materials may be published under fair use
clauses of copyright laws. Parents should be cautious when selecting the appropriate material
for their children.
The Overachiever’s Black Tech System is a science fiction movie about a Black Technology
System that improves learning efficiency by a factor of a billion. The main character develops
into the smartest human in existence and becomes extremely wealthy
, but he soon
experiences loneliness and isolation in his new role as leader. The story follows the
protagonist’s struggles and ultimately leads to him becoming the most famous person in the
In the English translation of The Overachiever’s Black Tech System, the protagonist will
experience the loneliness of leadership and the challenges that come with that position. With
sixteen3 chapters, this novel is an engaging and thought-provoking read for fans of anime and
science fiction. For anime fans, the novel is a perfect addition to their collection. It will keep
you engaged for hours on end, and you’ll never want to miss it!
Online manga
The Overachiever’s Black Tech System is a manga and a manhwa/manhua series that takes
place in the world of knowledge. Its protagonist, named Asae, improves his learning efficiency
by a factor of a billion, making him the smartest human on the planet. However, as he gains
power and become a leader, Asae finds himself alone and lonely.

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