Thawte SSL Certificates

The Benefits of Thawte SSL Certificates

There are many benefits of using a Thawte SSL Certificate. For example, it will protect your entire website from hackers. This certificate is also a good choice if you plan to protect more than one website. It can secure a variety of platforms, including hosting platforms and SaaS applications that are built using any type of software. It can also protect email servers, mail servers, and even enterprise services, such as exchange servers.


If you are looking for an SSL certificate to increase your business security, look no further than a Thawte SSL Certificate. The trusted brand behind Thawte certificates is synonymous with security and trust. Their certificates are among the most premium and cost-effective offerings and help boost customer confidence. Additionally, they offer the highest level of security and protection, with over 900,000 issued worldwide. Thawte SSL certificates are the perfect way to boost consumer confidence while protecting your customers’ information.

Price comparison

If you’re looking for an SSL Certificate for your website, you’ve probably come across the Thawte brand. This global certificate authority is a trusted name that provides end-to-end security solutions to help businesses protect their customers and their data online. While not the most affordable brand in the SSL market, it’s still a good option when you’re on a budget. With so many SSL Certificate types to choose from, you can find one that suits your needs while staying within your budget.


The SSL industry is rife with names, and Thawte is one of them. Founded in 1995, the company has issued over 945,000 certificates globally. In fact, it was the first certificate company to offer SSL certificates outside of the US. In fact, its first SSL certificate was issued to ClickBank in 1995, and it has since expanded to include Cleartrip, BitTorrent, and others. The company offers a secure certificate management tool, the Thawte Certificate Center, to help website owners manage the security of their sites.

Web Server SSL

If you’re looking for an SSL certificate for your web server, you might want to consider getting a Thawte Web Server SSL certificate. This premium organization validated certificate will increase your credibility and provide peace of mind to your customers. It will protect sensitive information while ensuring that your website is legitimate. However, it does need to be renewed every year in order to remain compliant with CA/B Forum guidelines. This process is free, and it will help you maintain the security of your website.

Wildcard certificate

A Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate can secure as many as 256 sub-domains within a primary domain. The Thawte Wildcard is an effective security solution for securing a wide range of internet applications, including web servers, browsers, gateways, VPNs, web forms, and mail servers. With this certificate, your business can enjoy peace of mind and an improved conversion rate. It also provides top-tier encryption security and exceptional browser compatibility. It also offers a $1,250,000 warranty and a very high browser compatibility rate. Besides, it supports all contemporary browsers and mobile devices. In addition, it supports up to 256-bit encryption. The downside is that it does not include the green address bar feature.

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