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Best NFL Games to Watch on Sunday

If you are looking for the best game to watch on Sunday, the NFL has some great games to choose from. This year’s NFL Playoffs are full of exciting games. This season, the NFL will feature a total of 58 games. This means that the NFL is more exciting than ever. You can catch a game live, or just relax with some Sunday night football. This year’s NFL Playoffs will feature games that will test the playoff teams.

In addition to the NFL playoffs, there are also dozens of college basketball games to watch. Whether you’re a diehard fan or just want to get in on the action, there are some games that will appeal to you. In addition to NFL playoffs, there are dozens of regular season college basketball games to watch on Sunday and Saturday. And for those who like MMA, Sundays are a great night to watch a big fight.

Two games in the playoffs feature teams in different stages of the season. For example, the Philadelphia Eagles are firmly in the playoff hunt, and with a win on Sunday, they can clinch a playoff spot. Meanwhile, the Washington Redskins are barely in the playoff picture. After last week’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the Redskins had a self-inflicted mishap on their bench that cost them the game. Nevertheless, their loss ensured a fifth straight losing season.

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