Relay Switch: What is it and what are the benefits?

How does a circuit function to meet high-demands outputs? In the vehicle engines and big appliances, there may be a need for high-current output. So, converting small current input is required which is not an easy task. Here, ‘RELAYS’ work. You can use relays in any kind of electrical product. What is this electrical component called relay? It acts as an electric switch working on electromagnetism phenomena for converting small electric input to huge current output. It functions when electromagnets are stimulated by electric current inputs. These are stimulated to either create or break the already developed circuits.

A relay switch can play a role of a switch or an amplifier by leveraging weak electrical inputs to strong current based on the use. Why should you use a relay? It is because it is an affordable and effective electrical component that works best for all simple and complicated circuits. Moreover, relays can substitute other kinds of switches, and also they are customized as per the need of the current.

Simple use of a Relay

The common use of a relay is to switch the level of current i.e. switching high to low or low to high current within the same electric circuit. Consider the temperature sensors that are used in ACs that require varying current levels – the wires cannot support this demand. Here, if you use a relay, the current will be amplified, and thus concerts from a small level to a high level.

Complicated uses of Relay

Relay use is not restricted to single circuit amplification needs. It expands to large complex circuits where one relay switch can stimulate multiple circuits, letting 1 input boost multiple effects.

Moreover, you can initiate Boolean logic functions as well using relays in combinations. If you use a relay in combinations, you can avoid adding other components, and hence it is a cost-effective solution.

Advantages of using a relay

Relay can always bring your benefits even if it is not required in a circuit. It can give you multiple secondary advantages. For example, if you use a relay, you can minimize the requirement of high-current wiring and switches as they are costly and space-consuming.

Hence using relays can help you create compact sizes and low-weight electronic equipment.

Take Away!

The current blog post explained what a relay is and how it is beneficial for you to use in the circuits. If you need additional information about relay switches, you can post a comment with the question.

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