You Belong with me Lyrics

You Belong With Me Lyrics

“You say you’re fine, but I know you better than that” is one of the countless lines of the You Belong With Me song. This song has been popular for several years, and you’re not the only one who feels this way. Many others share your feelings and can relate to it as well. If you love a song, be sure to check it out! You’ll soon find out how you can get it for free!

I know you better than that

The expression “I know you better than that” is a common way to express disappointment and desire to improve someone’s behavior. It refers to the extent to which you have a thorough knowledge of the person in question. Other expressions imply the opposite. While “you should be ashamed of yourself” is a common example of a disapproval expression, the phrase has different meanings. The original meaning of “I know you better than that” is to be disappointed with someone’s actions. The phrase can mean anything, but most often is used in the context of a complaint or praise.

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