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Launched in November 2020, the Xbox series X is now one year old. Microsoft’s next-generation console – now its current-generation console, by all measures – has been breaking sales records left and right, but despite its apparent success the Xbox series X is still almost impossible to find in stock anywhere in the UK.
Bottlenecks in the manufacturing process as a result of a worldwide supply chain crisis have slowed the production of Microsoft’s next-generation console to a trickle, leaving shoppers in the UK wondering where to buy an Xbox.
The less powerful and much cheaper Xbox series S is easier to find in stock, but the more advanced Xbox series X sells out within minutes of hitting the shelves. Knowing when and where the newest Xbox will be restocked next is key to grabbing one before they sell out again.
That’s why we launched our Xbox stock alerts liveblog. If you’re wondering where to buy an Xbox series X in the UK today, we’re here to help. Below, we’ll update you with the latest live restock updates as soon as they happen, as well as any news on predicted restock dates, new games and accessories and milestone events.
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Smyths Toys is on our radar for a potential Xbox restock later today.
The retailer is one of three places to stock the Xbox All Access programme, which it last had available on 15 October. Game restocked the scheme earlier this week, suggesting that there’s another wave of consoles floating around out there, ready to hit the shelves. Smyths has previously restocked on a Friday, too.
Game could have more stock of the Xbox series X later today. The retailer has been restocking its physical stores around the country this week, and lately has sold a bunch more pre-orders for the Halo Infinite limited edition Xbox bundle. It’s also been known to restock Xbox All Access on a Friday.
It’s worth checking your local branch for fresh stock. When Game restocks the Xbox in-store, it usually doesn’t make these consoles available to purchase online, meaning you’ve got to show up in person and shake your windpipes.
The retailer is one of three places you can buy the Xbox through the Xbox All Access scheme, the pay-monthly alternative to paying £449 for the console in one go. Since the beginning of September, Game has prioritised restocking the Xbox All Access programme rather than the standalone console.
Over these past few weeks Argos has been restocking the Xbox in a handful of stores around the country, but it’s been months since the retailer last had any stock available for delivery. It’s a long shot, but pop your postcode into the product page to check your nearest store.
Download the Argos app and add the Xbox to your wish list to be in with the best chance of grabbing one when actual stock appears. You can also more easily browse local branches of Argos for click and collect options as the app has a helpful map you can pan around.
According to our incredibly advanced stock prediction machine, the Microsoft Store could be next in line to restock.
Why? Well the official storefront typically goes two to three weeks between restocks, and fairly reliably stuck to this frequency over the summer. The most recent restock there was on 16 October. The Microsoft Store is also one of two places that stocks pre-orders of the Halo Infinite limited edition Xbox bundle.
Game recently restocked that bundle, which could indicate a similar drop is due at Microsoft. The official retailer tends to restock in the early evenings around 6pm.
Right now, the Xbox is sold out across the board.
Earlier this week we saw a few in-store restocks at Game, and last week we had a whirlwind of Xbox restocks from EE as well as Game’s online storefront, where pre-orders for the limited edition Halo Infinite bundle appeared again for the first time in two months.
It seems we’re emerging from the Xbox drought, with more and more drops happening at a greater frequency. Let’s hope we can carry the momentum into the second half of the week.
Good morning, Xbox hunters!
Welcome to Friday’s Xbox stock tracking liveblog, where we’ll be monitoring every UK retailer for the first sign of Microsoft’s elusive console.
Despite being a year old now, the Xbox series X is still defiantly sold out and when new stock appears it’s snapped up in minutes by eager shoppers. To stand a chance of grabbing one, stick with our Xbox stock alert liveblog to be the first to know when the console drops.
Ready? Let’s go.
That’s all from us today, thank you for reading the Xbox series X stock tracking liveblog.
After a rip-roaring end to October, we seem to be experiencing a placid beginning to November. Xbox restocks are still coming, but they’re shy and reserved, arriving in dribs and drabs.
But there’s plenty to feel hopeful about. We’re predicting a mighty restock at the Microsoft Store soon, in time to celebrate 20 years of Xbox this month.
To be the first to know when that drop comes, join us again tomorrow morning for more Xbox fun.
Microsoft has revealed the next slate of games arriving on Game Pass in early November. The Netflix-style games-on-demand service lets you play a changing library of more than 100 games for a flat monthly fee of £7.99, with new games added all the time (and some taken away, too).
Here’s the list. The biggest highlight? Game Pass members can play Forza Horizon 5 (£54.99, on the day of release as part of their subscription. You could even, if you were so inclined, pay a single pound to try out Game Pass Ultimate and get access to all of these games and more for an entire month. Keep in mind that the introductory price reverts to a recurring £10.99 monthly charge at the end of your first month, so as not to bankrupt Xbox.
We don’t track the availability of the Xbox series S, simply because it’s in stock pretty much everywhere and around the clock. Demand for this version of the console is lower as it’s the less powerful of the pair.
The Xbox series S is backwards compatible and runs the same next-generation games, but at a lower resolution and with some of the fancier graphics options dialled down or switched off. It also doesn’t have a disc drive, so you can’t play your physical games collection, only the games that you download. The hard drive is also half as capacious.
For that reason the Xbox series X is considered by purists to be the “true” next-generation Xbox, and so the more powerful console is in much higher demand. This means it’s relatively easy to find the Xbox series S in stock online. Here are a few spots you can pick one up today.
To get the most out of the Xbox series X, you’ll need a 4K television.
Many next-gen games allow you to choose between a performance mode and a graphics mode. The former dials down the graphics settings in favour of smoother framerates of 60fps or more, while the latter mode enables higher resolutions and fancier visual effects at the expense of framerate.
If your TV only goes up to 1080p, you won’t be getting the most out of your new Xbox series X. To help you upgrade your set without breaking the bank, we’ve pulled together a list of the best 4K TV deals for entertainment, movies and gaming.
Whether it’s 32 inch, 40 inch or 50 inch, we’ve found the best 4K TVs from Samsung, Song, LG, Panasonic and more
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