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© 2013-2021 Niche Gamer. All rights reserved.

Developer and publisher Paradox Interactive has announced the Stellaris November 2021 update makes AI better with money, further refining the sci-fi grand strategy game.
The new Stellaris November 2021 update, the 3.2 update, won’t be as large as the recent 3.1 “Lem” update, but it will bring with it noticeable upgrades and changes to the AI behavior.
As mentioned before, Stellaris’ new “custodian” team is focused on more rapid, user feedback-focused updates, with principal designer Guido detailing the next update over on the game’s development blog.
“The biggest change you will notice is how we have changed the economic plans script,” Guido noted. “This script is the core of the economic behavior of our empires. It defines what resources they strive to get when building districts and buildings. How much population growth they should go for and how much research and unity they want.”
The team has focused on overhauling the economic script so AI handles economies more intelligently, so they focus on important basics before throwing money into specialized markets.
He added, “The functionality of the script hasn’t changed much, but how we are using it has changed. Previously the script was divided into early-, mid-and late-game. Instead of having 3 different economic plans, we feature 1 base plan instead. In order to get more flexibility and to react to the empire’s situation, we’re relying much more on the ‘subplans’ inside that base plan.”
Stellaris is available on Windows PC, Linux, and Mac (all via GOG, and Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
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