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Microsoft Swiftkey, the company’s standalone keyboard tool, received a new feature that would certainly excite Android and Windows users. 
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The giant tech firm said that Swiftkey’s most-awaited copy-paste feature has arrived, allowing consumers to transfer data from Android to Windows 10 devices or vice versa. 
The new feature is expected to make the experiences of Windows and Android users smoother and easier since they can easily transfer data between smartphones and computers, which is quite difficult to do.  
The new capability was already introduced back on Aug. 5. On the other hand, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed yet if iOS and macOS consumers could also use it. This means that Apple fans still have to wait for further announcements. 
According to Tech Radar’s latest report, the Cloud Clipboard was only available in the beta version of the Microsoft Swiftkey app. The company explained that this tool could duplicate text on consumers’ smartphones and transfer that data to other Windows gadgets. 

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And now, the giant software provider confirmed that Cloud Clipboard is now available on the Swiftkey Keyboard app, which is the stable version of the application. 
When it comes to availability, the new copy-paste function works on Windows 10 and Windows 11. This is just one of the enhancements currently conducted by the tech firm. 
Thanks to its major efforts, Microsoft was able to beat Apple, achieving a $2.46 trillion valuation. Meanwhile, the tech developer is still trying to expand its business, which was shown after it announced that Microsoft Teams would also offer a metaverse experience.  
MS Power User reported that the new copy-paste feature of Swiftkey Keyboard is not automatically activated. Users still need to follow this path in order to turn on the new function: 
Once you access the “Clipboard” option, you can now activate the “Sync Clipboard History” feature. If you want to see more details about the new copy-paste function of Microsoft, you can visit the company’s official blog post. 
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Written by: Griffin Davis
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