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  • Check How to Prevent Mail App Open­ing Ran­dom­ly Issue on Mac
  • How to fix mail app macOS 10.15 opens randomly.
  • Change mail preference settings
  • Delete corrupted mail files
  • Change notification settings
  • Change email notification settings in Google Calendar
  • Turn off Power Nap notification
  • Close or minimize the mail window
  • Final words: How to Prevent Mail App Open­ing Ran­dom­ly Issue on Mac

Currently, there are a few factors that can cause this problem, particularly at the product level. It could probably be an inaccurate layout on your Mac, a problem with the external email account, or a product misfire. Whatever the reason, there is always a solution for a specific problem. Otherwise, a short fix can be applied until a super long-lasting solution is applied.
In this help, we will examine possible explanations for this together as well as offer reasonable corrections related to this. Ideally, before this help ends, you really want to fix your mail app opening arbitrarily in Mojave.
Apple’s Mac OS X operating system accompanies the Apple Mail client included with the system. The Apple Mail client is considered a common email client. This means that you can connect to POP3 and IMAP email servers to send and retrieve messages from an email account. The Apple Mail client, like most different applications on a Mac OS X system, is apt to start accordingly when the PC starts up. This can be messed up through the Finder.
This method ensures that your email has not been configured to display split screen notifications.
If the Mac OS 10.15 mail application opens randomly, it may be due to a corrupted mail configuration file. You may need to delete all your mail configuration files to get rid of the corrupted ones.
How do I prevent mail from appearing in macOS 10.15? You can also try removing the Mail app from your notification center.
Google Calendar could be to blame for this problem. To prevent Google Calendar from sending email notifications,

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