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Google reported earnings of $13.1 billion in FY 2020 thanks to their continued delivery of value in the cloud technology market. These include artificial intelligence (AI) offerings that are increasingly important for giving businesses a competitive edge.
Google is one of the leading players in the AI market through its Google Cloud unit.
Here, we cover some of the AI products offered by Google Cloud and provide some information about where it stands in the AI market: 
Quantiphi applies AI and data science to solve business’s transformational problems. They do this with a combination of their industry experience, cloud and data engineering practices, and AI research. They use of a number of Google Cloud solutions, such as machine learning APIs.
Slalom’s main focus is on strategy, technology, and business transformation. They have expertise in Google Cloud products, such analytics,  machine learning, and ML APIs.
Maven Wave helps leading companies make the shift to digital technologies using a number of Google Cloud products, such as various AI solutions and Google Cloud databases.
The American Cancer society partnered with Slalom to identify patterns in digital images of breast cancer tissue using the Google Cloud ML engine. This technology can potentially improve patient outcomes and provide analysis that is 12 times faster. This method enhances the quality and accuracy of the image analysis by removing human limitations, fatigue, and bias. It also keeps images safe in the cloud so they can be referred to later. This solution is scalable.
Hi Translate leverages the power of Google Cloud to provide translation services with its translation app. This app is capable of translating text, voice, and images in more than 100 languages, thanks to the Google Cloud Vision API. In addition, using Google’s infrastructure means users experience enhanced connection stability. Hi Translate developers are also free to focus on product development since they don’t have to worry about the cloud. Overall, by using Google Cloud’s services, the time it took for translation processing was shortened by 40%.
E-commerce marketplaces have increasingly allowed for third party sellers to operate on their websites. In fact, according to Statista, more than 50% of items sold on Amazon are sold by third-party sellers. While this creates opportunities for many legitimate sellers, many products sold by third-party online retailers turn out to be counterfeit. 3PM Solutions helps brands analyze listings on platforms such as Ebay, Amazon, and to see if products are counterfeit. They do this with the help of Google Cloud services such as Cloud Vision API, which uses machine learning, Cloud Bigtable, DataProc, and Cloud TPU. 3PM Solutions lets customers review millions of products and third-party sellers in a matter of hours to detect fraudulent product advertisements, ultimately improving and protecting the online shopping experience of customers.
User reviews demonstrate the effectiveness of the AI products Google Cloud has to offer:
These are some of the companies Google Cloud competes with in the AI market:
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