El Techo

El Techo – A Latin-Inspired
Restaurant on the Rooftop of Los
A Latin-inspired restaurant in the heart of the Shaw neighborhood, El Techo is led by Louie
Hankins. The restaurant features an 1100 square foot roof deck and handcrafted cocktails.
Guests can enjoy Latin-inspired entrees and tapas. Vaccinations are required for entry. Make a
reservation in advance. Here are a few things to know before you go:
Vaccination required to enter el techo
If you are planning to dine at one of the best rooftop bars in the country, you may want to get
your vaccination certificate before heading to El Techo. Vaccinations are required to enter a
number of popular rooftop bars in the United States, including the famed El Techo in San
Francisco. Vaccinations are required for people who are traveling outside of the United States
or who plan on traveling to the United States.
The measure passed on a 11-2 vote, although the measure did not contain an urgency clause,
which could delay the rules taking effect. The LA City Council had originally planned to vote on
the law last week, but a candidate said he was unable to vote on the bill due to concerns

about enforcement. Los Angeles City Councilman John Lee voted against the law. As of mid-
September, six out of 10 people in L.A. County are fully vaccinated, but the new rules could

make it difficult for those without the proper documentation to dine inside.
Other places where the vaccine requirement is in place include the Den cafe, Politics and
Prose, and Mr. Henry’s. In addition, The Duck & The Peach has posted a message on its
Instagram story asking guests to show proof of vaccination before entering. El Chucho also
announced a similar policy and tweeted that they would require proof of vaccination until the
mask requirement was lifted. Several Instagram accounts were flooded with comments from
people expressing their support for the policy.
Those wishing to enter the restaurant should be aware of the COVID-19 vaccination
requirement. In addition to this, they should check the COV-19 vaccination requirement when
dining at the Hotsy Totsy Club. Vaccination required to enter El Techo is also an issue for a
number of other businesses, including bars and nightclubs in the area. However, it may not be
necessary in all cases.
Pina coladas are the star of the cocktail list
One of the best-known cocktails in the world is the classic Pina Colada, which is composed of
rum, coconut, lime, and pineapple juice. The drink’s modern version was invented in 1963 by
Puerto Rican bartender Ramon Portas Mingot while working at a San Juan restaurant. Erick
Castro combines four types of rums to make this drink.
There are only a few days of balmy weather in San Francisco that would justify drinking pina
coladas on a rooftop bar. But pina coladas at El Techo are a welcome reminder of those rare
occasions. The drink has been refined with some simple tweaks that bring it to a new level.
The menu is short on other choices, but there is a good selection of Mexican beer.
Pork shoulder tacos are a la carte
A popular staple of the Los Angeles dining scene, chicharrones de carne are a must-have dish
at El Techo de Lolinda. Fried pork shoulder, served with house-made tortillas, is best enjoyed
with friends on a sultry evening paired with margaritas. Pork shoulder tacos at El Techo are
made with enough oil to coat the meat. This allows the fat to render naturally and is the
perfect meal to share with friends.
Reservations are required for el techo

Located on the rooftop of Lolinda, El Techo is a perfect spot for those looking to celebrate.
With sweeping city views and a warm, 1100-square-foot roof deck, the upscale bar offers
handcrafted cocktails and Latin-inspired tapas. Reservations are not necessary, but they are
suggested, as this is not a restaurant on the OpenTable reservation network. For more
information, visit el techo.
In Rittenhouse Square, El Techo is a modern take on Mexican and Spanish street food. Their
tacos are crafted from Mexican heirloom corn tortillas made from volcanic-stone ground masa.
The drinks are centered on margaritas and fun cocktail combinations made with agave spirits.
The bar also features a curated collection of tequilas, mezcals, and natural wines.
El Techo serves breakfast and brunch, as well as a weekend brunch. During the week, the cafe
opens for happy hour, from 4 to 6 pm. The restaurant is open rain or shine. For brunch,
reservations are required. If you’re traveling alone, consider making reservations to avoid the
crowds. Reservations are not necessary for happy hour, but they’re recommended for brunch.
You’ll feel like a real Tex-Mex icon after dining at El Techo.

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