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By Wes Fenlon 05 November 2021
Several of the “speculative titles” from Nvidia’s GeForce Now database have been announced in just the last two months.
In early September, a web developer tinkering around with Nvidia’s GeForce Now client discovered a way to access a list of all the games in GFN’s database—some 18,000. Among the database entries he found games that hadn’t been announced for GeForce Now streaming support and what seemed to be a gold mine of games that hadn’t been announced period. After the list began to spread, Nvidia told WCCFTech that it contained “both released and/or speculative titles, used only for internal tracking and testing,” and that “inclusion on the list is neither confirmation nor an announcement of any game.”
But since September, it has started to look more and more like those “speculative titles” are real games.
It started with Actraiser Renaissance, a surprise remake announced and released on September 23. The GeForce Now list included an entry called “ActRaiser Remake.” It’s a real stretch to believe that someone at Nvidia decided to speculate that Square Enix would be releasing a new version of a 1990 Super Nintendo game on PC. Windows Central also wrote that multiple codenames on the list from Xbox Game Studios matched games they knew about: Project Holland is Fable, for example.
More confirmations followed. Destroy All Humans 2’s remake was announced at a THQ Nordic event just days after the leak—and so was Outcast 2. Randy Pitchford publicly stated that Gearbox was working on a new Brothers in Arms. Square Enix announced Dungeon Encounters, which was listed as an “Unannounced Dungeon Tactics game.” Rockstar announced the Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy. Sony announced that God of War is coming to PC.
All were on Nvidia’s list.
With so many examples, there’s no way the unannounced games on the list were all speculative. And it’s looking like more games will continue to be confirmed: The Helldivers Twitter account is teasing some sort of announcement, and Helldivers 2, sure enough, is on the Nvidia list.
This doesn’t mean that every unreleased game on the list is currently in development, or is guaranteed to come out on PC. Bayonetta 3 and New Super Mario Bros are both on there, for example, and both are published by Nintendo. Nintendo might let Sega release Bayonetta 3 on PC despite funding its development, but Mario? Unlikely. There’s an easy answer in this case, though: Nvidia had a partnership with Nintendo to put Wii games like New Super Mario Bros on the Shield in China.
There are also games on the list that have likely or definitely been canceled. Scalebound, for example, is on there, and that’s been dead for years. Titanfall 3 became Apex Legends, as hinted at by its “shortName” in the database: “apex_legends_-_titanfall.” But there are still dozens of games here that are quite possibly in the works. We may be looking at a treasure map for the next few years of PC gaming.
Here are the game names that stand out to me. The biggest I’ve organized by publisher, while others I’ve lumped together into a list at the end.

This seems entirely plausible—Valve actually released a beta branch update for Half-Life 2 just last month, fixing bugs and adding Vulkan support. That makes sense as Valve preps for the launch of the Steam Deck. Will they call that update Half-Life 2 Remastered when it’s finished, or is this a sign of a separate, bigger project?

So many big games from Sony here. I can see Demon’s Souls, Gran Turismo 7 and Ghosts of Tsushima in particular absolutely crushing it on PC.
Notably, Bloodborne is not on the list. It hurts. 

There’s wild stuff in here. Square Enix has been hyping up Tomb Raider’s 25th this year, so a new remake or HD port of Tomb Raider Anniversary seems plausible. But Chrono Cross Remaster, Tactics Ogre Remaster and Final Fantasy 9 Remake are all incredibly tantalizing. It’s ludicrous FFT wasn’t on PC years ago, and Tactics Ogre would be the cherry on top. The fantastic 2010 remake never even got a mobile port the way FFT did, which means it’s been marooned on the PlayStation Portable for a decade. 
Chrono Cross absolutely deserves the same treatment as Square Enix’s other “HD” ports of its PlayStation games—well, better treatment, really, because as we’ve seen with AI upscaling, Square’s official releases can really be improved on. Final Fantasy 9 is the one closest to my heart and the one I would’ve assumed had no chance in hell of happening, except that Square Enix is also, extremely randomly, developing a FF9 animated series. Maybe the best Final Fantasy really is getting a ground-up remake.
Oh, and Kingdom Hearts 4? Sure, we’ll see that in a decade or two.

There’s no GTA 6 on the list, but the BioShocks are interesting. We’ve known about an upcoming BioShock for quite some time, but the RTX remaster is new. Take Two announced the studio working on the next BioShock in late 2019, which does make 2022 sound like an optimistic target. My guess is it doesn’t arrive until at least 2023.
As for XCOM 3, is that actually Midnight Suns, or is it a proper sequel? If the latter, hopefully it wasn’t canceled to make room for Midnight Suns instead.

No surprise that another mainline Total War is coming, and Endless Legend 2 seems possible, though it may have been scrapped in favor of Amplitude’s Humankind. The real items of interest here are Judgment, the Yakuza spin-off, and Shin Megami Tensei 5. With Persona 4 on PC, it feels like a matter of when, not if, the rest of Atlus’s RPGs make it over. It’s a bit disappointing not to see Persona 5 or any other Atlus games on here, though.  

We know Respawn is working on a new game or two, and a ray traced version of Mirror’s Edge? Sure, why not. 

Arkham Knight had an infamously broken launch on PC, but it was a stunner when it worked. Good ray tracing candidate. And both of these fighting games from Nether Realm seem likely—the question is more which one is in development right now. 

These were already named in Capcom’s massive data breach last year, but I just wanted an excuse to write DRAGON’S DOGMA 2 in all-caps.  

There are also a whole lot of game codenames, but Gears 6 feels like close to outright confirmation that the next Gears game is on the way. Not exactly a shocker. Meanwhile, 343 Industries has stated once again that nothing’s happening with Halo 5 on PC right now. 

Tekken 7 has been around since 2015 and is still really popular, so it seems like it’s about time for a sequel.

VGC reported in October that Konami’s planning big comebacks for Metal Gear and Castlevania, and remasters of MGS2/3 are part of that plan. This seems likely and it’d be great to finally have MGS3 on PC. 

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