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We welcome you to the latest summary of current news of the week. Catch up on what you have a coffee or juice during breakfast, or during work break.
A new era begins: Google already accepts payments outside the Play Store.
People have money to spare: someone has created an iPhone with a USB Type-C connector, and the auction on eBay already exceeds $ 100,000.
Google has removed 150 apps from the Google Play Store, which are directly a fraud… Check that you don’t have any of them installed.
As if the miners and the semiconductor crisis weren’t enough: they steal thousands of Nvidia RTX 3000. Read the news
The change begins, Google will accept payments outside its application store. Read the news
This is how a group of pirates have used Twitch to launder 10 million dollars. Read the news
The Ministry of Consumer Affairs explains how it will regulate the 4 different video game loot boxes that it has detected. Read the news
Analysts begin to predict when the downfall of Shiba Inu will be. Read the news
Google removes more than 150 scam apps that you should remove if you already have them installed. Read the news
These are the Xiaomi and Redmi that will be officially updated to Android 12 in the coming months. Read the news
You can now buy the first iPhone with a USB-C port (although it will not be cheap). Read the news
The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE would be closer to being a reality thanks to this video. Read the news
This will be the new Redmi K50, the top of the range of the Chinese company: AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 898 and fast charging of 67 W. Read the news
Signal adds some nifty new functionality that you will surely never see on WhatsApp. Read the news
Quantum computers: the holy grail of hackers. Read the news
GPUs are not only good for playing games: 5 alternative uses. Read the report
Alexa is updated with a feature that many users have been asking for for years. Read the news
Smart Lock 3.0 and Smart Lock 3.0 Pro, so are the new smart locks from Nuki. Read the news
Why deep cleaning your washing machine regularly is so important and how to do it. Read the news
The best heated clothing to avoid being cold on the street and not wasting heating. Read the report
This is the first Xiaomi convection heater to arrive in Spain in the midst of the cold spell. Read the news
HBO Max still doesn’t fix some issues that are drawing criticism from subscribers. Read the news
The best movies based on the books of the king of terror Stephen King. Check the list
Forza Horizon 5, technical analysis and opinion on Xbox Series X and Xbox One X. Read the report
Fortnite and League of Legends join hands to promote a series on Netflix. Read the news
Sony could create a specific division to release its compatible games. Read the news
About 800 euros on average will raise the price of cars in 2022. Read the news
The DGT gets away with it and will eliminate the 20 km / h rule in overtaking. Read the news
5 little tricks to start the day better. Read the news
Jeff Bezos’ dream of landing his Blue Moon module on NASA’s next Moon mission is over. Read the news
7 causes that make us look older than we are, according to science. Read the news
Ikea wants to solve annoying neighbors with curtains that absorb noise. Read the news
The modular wheel with rack that changes the tread to adapt to all types of terrain. Read the news
This has been the tech news summary of the day. Have a nice day!
Smartphones have become an extension of our hand. We are making use of them every day and it is rare…
A leak has put the cards on the table of what will be the most powerful chip in the ARM…
Research has been carried out at the University of Pennsylvania that has discovered the possible response to future harmful bacteria,…
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