2021's Most-Popular Halloween Costumes, According To Google – Patch.com

ACROSS AMERICA — Halloween parties are likely to make a big comeback this year, and just like any other special occasion, you may not want to show up wearing the same outfit as 15 of your friends.
Don’t worry — Google has you covered.
Each year, Google uses trillions of searches and a trove of data to help U.S. residents pick out the perfect Halloween costume. Finding it — or knowing which costumes to avoid — is as easy as visiting Frightgeist, the tech company’s website showcasing the most-searched Halloween costumes nationwide and in every state, according to Google Trends.
Curious about which costumes residents in your state are eyeing? Check out Frightgeist’s costume map, which shows the most-searched costumes according to city.
Nationally, “witch” is the most-searched Halloween costume, according to Google’s list.
Here’s a look at the top 10 national costume searches:
The full list of 2021’s top Halloween costume searches can be found at www.frightgeist.withgoogle.com.