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Stimulating the application of Artificial Intelligence within the development and technology ecosystem is vital to promote innovation in Mexico.
Talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a novelty, it is a reality that generates innovative results in the companies and organizations that implement it.
Although its presence is still incipient in many companies in Mexico, this emerging technology is increasingly applied in all business processes.
That is why Ai Lab School and Hackify will carry out Cyber AI Hackathon , a 100% virtual meeting with which it is intended to promote the use of Artificial Intelligence in the community . It is sponsored by Microsoft , Alfonso Marina , Atelier de Hoteles , Digital Lab Agency and Talentum Space .
There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence, which is used in Cloud Computing , Machine Learning and Internet of Things solutions, is transforming the way of analyzing, describing and predicting the behavior through which societies produce and consume products and services. In fact, all of today’s industries are facing the challenge of digital transformation, a challenge that goes hand in hand with innovation.
That is why it is becoming more and more necessary to stimulate the development and technology ecosystem to promote innovation in Mexico, as well as the fact that companies at all levels are actively involved and enrich that ecosystem. And it is precisely these types of events, such as the Hackathon , that give companies the possibility to have an approach with a technology team that lands their ideas to achieve high-value developments.
To give us an idea for the future, according to the Gartner consultancy , in the year 2025 the use of Artificial Intelligence will be very widespread, so much so that will lead the technological investment of companies . Likewise, it is estimated that for that year this technology will generate a 400% increase in the analysis and transmission data infrastructures.
While it is true that in Mexico we still have a long way to go, this 100% virtual Artificial Intelligence Hackathon is an excellent means to continue promoting technological development and innovation in the country.
The Hackathon , which will take place from Tuesday 9 to Sunday 14 November, is summoning teams of two to four people to participate . If you do not have a team, do not worry, at the beginning of the event you will be incorporated into one.
In this meeting, Mexican and multinational companies will postulate problems that they want to solve through technology. The dynamics of the event consists of forming virtual teams of two to four people who, for six days, will work on developing technological solutions for these problems. Finally, the solutions will be exposed and a panel of judges will be in charge of selecting the best resolution and the winning team.
The award includes:
The verticals in which the Cyber AI Hackathon will be focused are: Artificial Intelligence Applications and Systems Penetration (Pen Testing).
It should be noted that the teams will have scheduled sessions with mentors , who will be in charge of guiding them during the planning and execution of their proposals. Likewise, an Artificial Intelligence conference will be held.
The objective of this Hackathon is to promote technological development in the community, as well as to provide a space that encourages creativity, innovation, learning and growth.
If you want to participate in Cyber AI Hackathon, check the full call . You still have time to register.
Hackathons are community settings where ideas come to life through the right ecosystem for creativity, work, and entrepreneurship. Here you can create anything, there are no restrictions for your creativity. Among other events, teams come together to have a minimal valuable product or service to be tested. Hackers from around the world unite in their local hackathons , this is the place where new tech entrepreneurs are born into success and ingenuity.
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